Adorable new Thelma shows she's got what it takes to take a GoodSpanking!

Chelsea Spanks! Thelma (CS-36)
Featuring Thelma Sleaze
30 Minutes
$29.95 DVD

It's been a while since we found a new, fresh bottom to spank. Then suddenly Thelma came our way and we knew it was time, She's a darling, adventurous woman with a tolerance even she didn't know she had!
I began with a nice hand spanking warm-up. But, that didn't last too long. With the camera rolling and a half hour of non-stop reality spanking (unedited!) to go, it was time to move on.
The next step was gradual: a couple of paddlings with increasingly stiff leather paddles. Soon it was time for the strap and, last but not least, the cane!