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alt="she pulls the panties up tight into her ass crack" alt="the spanking starts over her tight levis"

Desperate Homemakers (CP-99)
Starring: Clare Fonda & Chelsea
35 Minutes
DVD $29.95

First there was Clare's CPE debut in "Chelsea's Cute Competitor," (CP-94) which was sexy and sweet. Next, came "Soccer Moms" (CP-96).  We both knew each other a little better and took advantage of that knowledge, spanking each other with gusto. I brought Clare to tears and she left marks where no woman had ever marked me before (on my behind, of course!).  Our kid gloves were off and, you can be assured, they're gone for good!
Welcome to the next level of spanking between "friends".  Well, we are friends, but you would never guess it by the way we spank each other.  I really wanted to spank Clare again.  So many of our regular customers were requesting a repeat performance between the two of us that I began thinking about it constantly.  When I brought it up with her, it seems she felt the same way about me.  So, we contrived another suitable plot.  One that would allow us to go all out!
In a take-off of a hit TV show, Clare and I go at it again!
Neighbors Evie (Clare) and Sharon (Chelsea) have been sharing more than just a neighborhood!  When Sharon learns she and Evie are "sharing" a boyfriend, she doesn't take it well, at all.  Evie's bottom is headed for a world of hurt! 
But, Evie isn't about to suffer alone or give up her lover so easily.  Watch what happens when two women fight for the same man...and only one can win!




alt="her naughty bottom gets paddled hard!"alt="she cries as her bare ass gets paddled"
alt="girl/girl spanking over panties" alt="close up of her cute rear end"

A Dicey Situation (CP98)
Starring: Ashley Fires & Asia
36 Minutes
DVD $29.95

Ashley and Asia get together often to play their favorite dice game. This time, Asia loses the first roll and has to be spanked first. (She always seems to lose the first roll!)  To begin the playing, she rolls all five dice to determine how many minutes she'll be hand spanked.  She rolls a whopping thirteen minutes!  After her searing hand spanking, poor Asia rolls again and wins herself an eleven minute paddling.  Asia bravely endures throughout her paddling, even when the last stinging smack brings water to her eyes.  So, when it's finally Ashley's turn to be spanked, Asia can't wait for the roll of the dice.  Ashley rolls sixteen minutes of hand spanking.  This pleases Asia, but Ashley isn't so sure.  Ashley, however, imp that she is, ends up enjoying her hand spanking as much, or maybe even more, than Asia...  Asia is baffled as to how to handle this situation.  Soon however, sixteen minutes of hand spanking are finished and it's time for Ashley to choose her implement and roll for more spanking minutes!  Her implement of choice?  A large wooden hairbrush!

Is this naughty sex play?  For sure, this video features a more cozy, intimate spanking style and Ashley and Asia, absolutely charming in their lacy, ruffled bikini panties and even more charming nude, warm up to their little dice game very nicely!





alt="the girl/girl spanking continues with the hairbrush on Ashley Fires bare butt"alt="the naked girl is stretched across the bed to be paddled"
alt="she pulls down her panties to spank on the bare" alt="close up of her bare bottom being paddled"

Strict Accounting (CP97)
Starring: Paris & Darling, with Chelsea Pfeiffer
40 Minutes
DVD $29.95

The letter from the IRS stops just short of saying that the books are cooked and Chelsea's little book-keepers are in trouble, deep.
Chelsea decides to make a "documentary" film, to help pay the penalty fee and Paris and Darling swiftly discover that they must participate or be fired. They sign their release forms, agreeing to be spanked.
Darling goes first, squealing and struggling the whole time as Chelsea makes it sting. Paris is next, and Chelsea is just as stern.  But poor Paris is really blameless!  She gave Darling correct figures, but Darling lost them and just guessed when she filed the forms on Chelsea's behalf.  Still, Darling sees an opportunity to lay all the blame on Paris. Chelsea believes Darling's fibs and orders Darling to spank Paris hard, first thing the next morning.
Taken over Darling's knee, Paris pleads for mercy, but gets none as she suffers through hand and hairbrush.
When Chelsea arrives to conduct a particularly embarrassing (for Paris) "examination" of the spankee's bottom, she tells Paris she may now correct her "error".
Darling knowing her lie will be discovered, claims to be the only one able to fix the figures correctly.  That's when Chelsea gets suspicious...
The next day, it's Paris' turn to play out "The Assistant's Revenge" on Darling's fanny! A leather paddle and a very thick wooden, heart-shaped paddle help Paris do her job quite well.




alt="lowers her underpants for her spanking"alt="close up of punished asses"
alt="Clare Fonda is going to get her bare ass beat"alt="the bad girl cries from her spanking" alt="Chelsea Pfeiffer is going to get HER ass beat!"alt-"Chelsea Pfeiffer examines her very sore, red ass"

Soccer Moms Spank Off (CP96)
Starring: Clare Fonda & Chelsea Pfeiffer
30 Minutes
DVD $29.95

This is the second video featuring web mistress, Clare Fonda (www.spankedsweeties.com),
and Chelsea Pfeiffer
 Now, the kid gloves are off!  This is a much more aggressive video all around.  One spankee even cries real tears while the other is left with a visibly bruised bottom!
Maggie Brown (Clare Fonda)  visits Lana White (Chelsea Pfeiffer) hoping she can "persuade" Lana to take her son out of the running for a soccer scholarship. But Lana thinks Maggie's proposal is perfectly unethical and outrageous:  In the interest of sportsmanship and fair play,  Lana tries to spank the badness out of Maggie Brown!
In the second scene, Maggie Brown, having endured a long hard spanking, with hand and hairbrush, is threatening to tell all the other soccer moms about the treatment she's received at the hand of Mrs. White.  Considering the possible ramifications, Lana decides to allow Maggie to spank her in return for Maggie keeping her big mouth shut! And so, Maggie spanks Lana with all her might in revenge for the burning spanking she has just received, herself. 





alt="in the close-up of her bare butt, you can see it was a painful spanking"
alt="Eve Ellis, portraying a french maid, gets a punishment spanking"alt="Eve Ellis is bent over and spanked on her very tight jeans"

A Trio of Tales (CP95)
Starring: Eve Ellis & Chelsea
36 Minutes
DVD $29.95

We welcome back one of CPE's favorite spankees, Eve Ellis, and reacquaint her adorable behind with the concept of a good hard punishment spanking!

Tale One: "The Incorrigible Maid"
The party was a disaster. Eve was very quick to get plenty of champagne to everyone - and to herself as well. When it came time to pass out the hors d'oeuvres, Eve remained in the kitchen eating them instead. 
Chelsea immediately takes Eve over her knee for a sound hand spanking.  As the punishment progresses, Chelsea commands Eve to remove her uniform.  Nude and kneeling on the chair,  Eve's unrepentant derriere is brought to a bright shade of red by Chelsea's crisp use of the crop and brisk application of the flogger to her maid's tender behind.

Tale Two: "The Piano Lesson"
Chelsea is a devoted piano teacher forced to take measures she's never had to resort to before.  The lazy student makes an insincere apology, hoping to weasel out of the remainder of her spanking punishment. Instead, the put-out piano teacher removes Eve's extremely tight jeans and spanks her pouting, protesting pupil over the panties and then on the bare bottom! When the piano lesson resumes, Eve, bare from the waist down, tries without much success, to concentrate on her assigned piano piece!

Tale Three: "Caught Cheating"
Eve is trying to quit smoking, but it isn't easy!  Soon she is sneaking smokes. Chelsea smells the smoke and follows her nose to the back stairs, where she finds Eve hiding and puffing away on a cigarette.  Chelsea drags the sneaky girl inside for a severe spanking session, during which Eve is hand spanked, stripped of her clothing and subjected to a leather paddle, scolded all the while for practicing such an awful, anti-social, life-threatening habit!


alt="the bare naked girl gets spanked with the riding crop" alt="Eve Ellis get her panties pulled down for a good hard spanking
alt="Chelsea's panties come down for a hard spanking"alt="it's a hard hairbrush spanking for Chelsea Pfeiffer" alt="Clare Fonda gets spanked with the hairbrush"alt="Clare Fonda goes across Chelsea Pfeiffer's knee for a spanking"

Chelsea's Cute Competitor (CP94)
Starring: Clare Fonda & Chelsea
44 Minutes
DVD $29.95


Clare Fonda is what we refer to as "friendly competition".  She says she modeled her company after mine, but Clare has created a style all her own. We decided to take her "reality" approach to videos as we spanked one another to play up our "competition".
After interviewing Clare on camera, we discovered we'd both had the pleasure of spanking many, many beautiful women.  We decided to determine which one of us was the most experienced, hardest spanker and, of course... who could take the most of what the "friendly" competition dished out!



alt="Chelsea Pfeiffer spanks Samantha Woodley over her tight jeans"

House Rules (CP93)
Starring: Samantha Woodley, Ashley Fires
and Chelsea Pfeiffer
30 Minutes
DVD $29.95

Chelsea agrees to let her niece, Samantha, live with her while attending college, with one stipulation -- all house rules must be obeyed.  Chelsea  knows how busy the life of a young college girl can be and how the influence of new friends can introduce new, and possibly unpleasant, habits.
The House Rules were very simple.  Aunt Chelsea expected the house to remain tidy.  She expected Samantha to keep reasonable hours and to let Auntie know her whereabouts.  And, most of all, Chelsea insisted that there was to be NO SMOKING IN THE HOUSE.
But one evening, while Samantha sits with her friend Ashley, discussing what movie they might like to see, Ashley pulls out her cigarettes and lights up.  Without even thinking about the fact that they are lounging in Aunt Chelsea's living room,  Samantha joins her friend in a smoke...or two.
As soon as Chelsea returns home, she smells trouble. Smoke is about to start a fire -  on naughty Samantha's bottom! As Ashley looks on, Chelsea marches Samantha into her bedroom for a sound spanking and a firm handed lecture about the importance of house rules. 

Meanwhile overcome by curiosity, Ashley sneaks down the hallway to peek through the cracked bedroom door. Ashley is astonished. But when she sees Aunt Chelsea take Samantha's jeans down to punish her kicking and complaining niece on her panty-clad behind, something  in Ashley is awakened.  As Chelsea takes down Samantha's panties and spanks her on the bare,  Ashley unconsciously reaches down her belly and begins to play naughty.
Later that night, wicked little Ashley talks Samantha into play-acting the spanking once more, "just for fun". Coyly, Samantha allows Ashley to play "auntie". 
When Chelsea returne home from dinner with friends, she can't believe the sounds she hears coming from the bedroom.  Could those two mischievous girls really be spanking each other?  For fun? 
Chelsea isn't the only one surprised when she walks into the bedroom and catches the girls just as Ashley was beginning to tickle and soothe Samantha in a most erotic fashion!  Chelsea knows only one cure for this kind of behavior!





alt="Chelsea Pfeiffer spanks Samantha Woodley on the bare"
alt="Samantha Woodley gets an erotic spanking from Ashley Fires"
alt="Both girls are bent over for bare bottom spankings"
alt="she spanks the girl over her sheer pantiesalt="she pulls up her skirt and the spanking begins in earnest" alt="her panties come down to her ankles and she is spanked on the bare butt"

Perfectly Delicious (CP92)
Starring: Paris and Stacy Burke
35 Minutes
DVD $29.95

When it comes to her cooking show, "Perfectly Delicious," Stacy is perfectly serious! When Paris puts up some not-so-perfectly prepped ingredients, Stacy calls for the camera to "cut!" and dismisses the crew. In a fury, Stacy spanks Paris while chastising her for her ineptitude..  The spanking stings and humiliates poor Paris who was only doing the best she could under the rushed circumstances.
Paris leaves the set smarting, both on her bottom and in her heart.  She vows revenge.  With the help of an ex-employee (fired Assistant Director, Chelsea) Paris contrives to set up Stacy for a sound revenge spanking.
Stacy, unaware of what is to come, is haughty and rude the moment she arrives on the set the next morning.  When she asks why Paris is sitting in a chair in the middle of the kitchen and threatens another spanking, Chelsea pops out of hiding and pushes Stacy down firmly over Paris' knee, leaving Paris to enjoy the moment in all it's full round redness..
Stacy spits and fights in outrage at the turn of events.  She feels every bit of the humiliation she forced on to Paris, and then some. Soon Stacy is pouting, pleading and whining, giving Paris all the satisfaction she could have hoped for!




alt="her bare ass is spanked and fondled"
alt="she struggles to escape her spanking" alt="she gets the hairbrush on her bare ass"

Room(mate) for Improvement (CP91)
Starring: Eva Lux and Cassandra Knight
44 Minutes
DVD $29.95

Beautiful brunette Eva Lux is a good girl with bad habits that lead to her being kicked out of her old apartment. Now Eva must find a new place to dis- regard and a new roommate to disrespect.  Pouting as she ponders the classified ads, Eva finds an apartment offering "Appropriate conflict resolution."  Eva thinks that sounds just great.  But when Eva is  found lounging around in a mess by her new landlady/roommate, Cassandra, poor little Eva learns what "appropriate conflict resolution" is all about!  Cassandra takes down Eva's jammy bottoms and spanks her pretty behind to a perfect blushing shade of RED! Still, it takes the application of a hairbrush, paddle and flogger, plus two more spankings, before Eva promises to clean up after herself!



alt="she gets spanked hard with the riding crop"
alt="holds her over her knees and spanks her naked ass"alt="she bends over and touches her toes to receive the paddle" alt="her big ass is spanked until it's beet red"alt="she squirms as she is spanked bare-bottom"

C.P. Invitational, 2 (CP90)
Starring: Julie Simone, Venus & Eva Lux
50 Minutes
DVD $29.95

Chelsea carefully contrived this plot to allow for maximum spanking!
The premise is simple.  It's an all-out competition to see who can take a hard spanking and who gives the best.  To make sure everyone's trying their hardest, paddle-penalties are administered to player's who might be trying to hold back on the giving side in order to win on the taking side.  Regulation uniforms consist of lingerie and high heels and nothing else!  This is a wonderful opportunity to see three of CPE's best and most beautiful actresses in a wall-to-wall spanking extravaganza.


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