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girl spanks girl, cheeks spread while spanked

Never Spanked, But Curious (CP-109)
Starring: Carolyn Reese, Vanessa Vanowen
and Chelsea Pfeiffer
38 Minutes  DVD $29.95

To fulfill her fantasy of being spanked, Vanessa bravely goes online. She meets and exchanges emails with Carolyn, a fellow female spanking enthusiast. Carolyn invites Vanessa to meet her in person so that the spanking newbie can finally experience her first spanking.
When Vanessa arrives, Carolyn is (un)dressed and ready to play. Her fantasy is to be caught masturbating and then spanked for it! Vanessa steps into her role as the big sister who catches Carolyn being naughty. To Carolyn's surprise Vanessa deftly delivers a very heavy-handed spanking. Plus, Vanessa offers her own creative twist when she coaxes Carolyn  into a sexy spanking position! Carolyn finds herself with her bottom smack-center in front of Vanessa and the two girls are nearly crotch-to-crotch!
Vanessa's fantasy is a schoolgirl, age-play spanking. She wants Carolyn to play her mother who spanks her for getting bad grades. Carolyn plays a GREAT mother, strict, but fair and gives Vanessa an excellent spanking.
Finally, because the two share a fantasy of being spanked by a very strict "mommies or aunties", Carolyn calls on her good friend Chelsea. Chelsea gives directions to Carolyn and Vanessa, about how  to dress and how they are to behave that the two girls disobey on purpose, giving "Aunt Chelsea" a good reason to give both girls a good spanking. It's a good thing Chelsea remembered to stash her hairbrush in her handbag!
The great thing about this video is that Carolyn and Vanessa really are friends. They talked about sex a lot and Vanessa happened to share with Carolyn that she'd like to be spanked sometime as a sexual turn on. Carolyn introduced us to Vanessa and the rest is CPE history. This video is a hot portrayal of two friends exploring their spanking fantasies together. It's almost reality TV!


girl spanking girl, bad girl waits for spanking girl spanks girl, bare bottom examined after spanking

Spankorama 3 (CP-108)
Starring: Carolyn Reese, Sinn Sage, Erika Kole, Helena Hart, Cleo Nichole, Jewell Marceau, Anastasia Pierce & Chelsea Pfeiffer
56 Minutes
DVD $29.95

Six different stories featuring eight different women! Lots of variety in plots, costumes and lovely ladies with beautiful behinds!
: Sinn Sage is "Indiscreet" about watching her favorite late-night cable sex shows. Tuned-in and turned-on, she doesn't notice the return of her very conservative roommate, Chelsea. Sinn is caught with her pants down, literally, when Chelsea comes home from a dinner party a little earlier than expected. Chelsea knew she was taking a chance in agreeing to share her home with someone so much younger and now it seems she had good reason for her trepidations. Sinn should have been more careful.
2: Carolyn Reese is a "Naughty Neighbor" who comes up with lots of excuses to lure Chelsea's husband over for household help. Carolyn's pleas for help finally pique Chelsea's suspicions as to the neighbor's real motives. Chelsea invites her neighbor for a little talk, which quickly escalates into a spanking session guaranteed to discourage Carolyn from needing anymore husbandly assistance...
It was all Helena could do to keep from spanking Erika on the spot! She managed to wait until the two women got home. Erika didn't wear panties under her short, red dress, to a restaurant with business associates.  It was beyond Helena's comprehension! Erika is "Redressed in a Red Dress," as Helena deals with the situation.
4: Private Slacker has a big problem named Sergeant Stern! The sergeant puts Private Slacker through her paces, which include a healthy dose of "Military Discipline!"
5: In "All Sexed Up & Panties Down," Anastasia and Chelsea explore the sexual side of spanking. With a range of implements, and constantly increasing sexual over tones, it's hard to tell who's getting the best of it. Is it the top, or the bottom? Chelsea, or Anastasia?

6: In "Take Your Medicine," Cleo is "cured" of her ailment by getting a spanking she needed. Now Nurse Jewell suddenly feels ill. She checks herself with a little temperature reading and finds that she's not at all well. Eager to feel better, the nurse agrees to taking the spanking cure, too! Suddenly Nurse Jewell begins to feel much better. But, she can't convince Cleo (who is bent on revenge) that she's feeling a whole lot better!




Take a Hike! (CP-107)
Starring: Chelsea Pfeiffer and Clare Fonda
35 Minutes
DVD $29.95

CPE's favorite spanking friends are at it again!
After being invited so often that Chelsea was about to give up on her, Clare finally agrees to join Chelsea on an afternoon hike. Chelsea makes sure Clare dress-es properly and remembers to take water. Clare assures Chelsea that's she physically up to the demanding two-miles straight up, eighteen-hundred foot elevation gain hike.
Clare lied. She huffs and puffs and holds everyone back. Chelsea is embarrassed in front of her whole hiking club as everyone is forced into a slower pace, having to help Clare up and then back down the mountain.
Well, you know what's in store for Clare once the two return for the hike, we're sure. Chelsea takes her bosom buddy over her knee for a sound spanking! Using her hand and then THREE different paddles, Chelsea punishes and admonishes her hiking partner soundly, leaving Clare's bottom red hot and tender and her feelings sore.
When Clare's finally let back up, there's trouble in store for the bossy, self-righteous Chelsea. Everything Clare took, Chelsea takes! Every last hand spank and paddle smack!
If you're a fan of the Chelsea/Clare spank-offs, then this movie is a must have. You definitely WON'T be disappointed.




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Spankorama II (CP-106)
Starring: Samantha Woodley, Anastasia Pierce, Lizzy Madison, Erika Kole, Helena Hart, Lena Ramone, Genesis & Chelsea Pfeifer
55 Minutes
DVD $29.95

This video is the second of our super special compilations of short stories, shot originally for our members' site, www.goodspanking.com. We were keeping them exclusive to the members' site, but decided that was a shame. Clips on our website must necessarily be compressed for quick downloading. The compressing causes the quality to suffer a little, so you don't get as clear a picture as you'd get if you were to see the digital camera original. To sum it up, if you buy this production, you'll get the perfect, clear picture you've come to expect with our spanking movies. So even if you've already seen these clips on our members' site, you'll want to re-experience these scenes on the clear, quality of DVD.
Now, on to what this terrific video is about:
You get 7 different stories featuring 8 different women. A lot of variety in plots, costumes and lovely ladies with beautiful behinds!

Story one is a holiday frolic centered around Thanksgiving. American's spanking sweetheart, Samantha Woodley, is an adorable little Native American doing her best to be welcoming to pilgrim Anastasia Pierce. But, Anastasia's staunch religious upbringing prompts her to spank the little Indian for parading about in a ridiculously short dress with no under things beneath it. The poor little Indian is completely befuddled as she's spanked OTK and then given a vigorous hairbrush spanking. That's when a "witch", Chelsea, pops in from the future to punish pilgrim Anastasia for beginning what turns out to be years and years of politically incorrect behavior toward the first Americans. Anastasia is spanked out of being scared of the witch and paddled till her bottom's bright red, as well!

Story two is another round of holiday fun entitled, "When Elves Go Bad", also starring perky Samantha and sultry Anastasia. Samantha is the good elf and Anastasia is the really bad elf. She's hanging out (sort of literally, too, her costume is so scant), smoking and sluggin' whiskey from a flask while Samantha rushes about trying to complete the job she and Anastasia have been assigned by Mrs. Claus. Samantha keeps nagging Anastasia until the bad elf finally yanks the good elf over her knee for a sound spanking. When Mrs. Claus walks in on this unruliness, both elves are promptly punished!

Stories three and four star blonde, lithe Lizzy Madison. She looks fair and frail, but don't let that fool you. This girl can take a serious spanking! Excuses for romping on her rump in these two tales are chastisement for getting bad grades and especially naught behavior at a wedding reception. Lizzy takes her spankings stoically, even when she's strapped. She likes to play her scenes seriously!

Stories five and six star another blonde beauty, Erika Kole, with another sultry sex-bomb, Helena Hart. Helena tops in both of these scenes. First Erika's spanking is administered for erotic purposes and it fulfills it's promise as both women get hot and bothered! Second, Erika is spanked by her office supervisor for dressing in a distracting and unprofessional manner. Her short skirt is definitely an enhancement to the scene, but it's pulled up and a sound bare bottom spanking is, as usual, the eventual outcome.

Story seven, last though it may be, is certainly not least. In another spanking for erotic purposes, Lena Ramone sizzles as she spanked by Genesis. The spanking is hot, but the reactions are hotter! And, you won't want to miss the end of the tale when Lena straddles Genesis' lap, sitting down for a hug and a sooo sexy bottom rub!






alt="she makes her kneel on the chair and lift up her skirt to spank her with a hairbrush" alt="how humiliating for the girl to be spanked on her bare behind"alt="a very real painful spanking for this bad girl"
alt="Tory Sinclair winces as Chelsea Pfeiffer pulls down Tory's panties to continue spanking"alt="Tory Sinclair learns that spankings from Chelsea Pfeiffer really hurt bad"alt="Tory takes revenge, spanking Chelsea Pfeiffer on her tight jeans"

Stage Moms (CP-105)
Starring: Tory Sinclair & Chelsea Pfeifer
32 Minutes
DVD $29.95

"Stage Moms" is another hit (no pun intended) in our series of over-the-top Competitive Moms videos. This time we've brought back the long missed Tory Sinclair to go bottom-to-bottom with Chelsea in a serious and sizzling spank-off! Tory's looking better than ever and she really gives Chelsea a run for her money once she turns the spanking tables and takes the CPE CEO over her knee! We've had many requests to get Tory back and happily we were finally able to fulfill them. Tory's gorgeous face, lovely figure and vivacious personality are joy to behold. And, Chelsea's...well, it's hard to list any attributes since yours truly is writing this copy...let just say I'm darn feisty and I took a good one!

Chelsea and Tory both have daughters in the local ballet school. This may sound familiar to you, ala Chelsea and Clare both having sons on the same soccer team.. In this tight knit little community, there are many kids involved in numerous activities, so it only figures that their mothers are constantly thrown together, like it or not.
Just as Clare did in "Soccer Moms," Tory pays Chelsea a visit to request that Chelsea take her daughter, Danielle, out of the auditions for the lead part of Clara in this year's production of the Christmas classic ballet, "The Nutcracker." Tory feels that since Danielle played Clara last year, that someone else, like her daughter Shane, ought to have a go at it. You can probably guess what Chelsea's reaction to this request was. She absolutely refuses to comply! Her Danielle should play Clara again. After all, she's obviously the only really talented ballet dancer in the class, anyway. Recalling how she handled Mrs. Brown's (Clare Fonda's) similar request in "Soccer Moms," Chelsea takes the assuming Mrs. Green (Tory) over her knee to spank some sense into her. Tory is outraged! The battle is ugly, but Chelsea prevails and spanks the bejeezus out of Tory's terrific tush.
Once the spanking is over and Chelsea lets Tory up, the plot really thickens. Tory threatens to tell the ballet instructor about the whole incident and guess what kind of part Chelsea's daughter will get in the "Nutcracker" then? Chelsea makes a deal with Tory. She agrees to allow Tory to spank her to keep the whole incident secret. Tory is more than happy to accept this arrangement and gladly takes Chelsea to task. Chelsea, willing to do anything for her babies, takes not only a hand spanking, but a sound hairbrush spanking, as well. True, it's a bit more than tit-for-tat, but Chelsea's tough and she's determined to keep from having to disappoint her dear little daughter!

(An extra little twist to this twisted plot occurs when Chelsea learns that Clare told Tory about the soccer spanking experience, breaking the agreement they forged when Chelsea allowed Clare to administer a revenge spanking. This little bit of knowledge could be leading to trouble when it comes time for the annual bake sale, in which Chelsea, Clare and Tory always participate. Is there more trouble brewing in this quiet little community? You'll have to wait for another video to find out...)


alt="Chelsea Pfeiffer gets her bare butt paddled with the hairbrush"
alt="the girls play spanking games in bed"alt="she cries as her panties come down for more spanking on her sore bottom"alt="her pussy gets wet from her spanking"alt="both girls have very sore butts from being punished"

(Very) Strictly Romantic (CP-104)
Starring: Carolyn Reese & Sinn Sage, with Chelsea
30 Minutes
DVD $29.95

With this video we very happily welcome back one of our CPE spanking super-stars, Carolyn Reese! You might remember Carolyn, if you're a CPE regular. She was with us from the start, her first video being "Maid To Be Naughty" (CP-11) and her last for that time, "Carolyn's Valentine Surprise," (CP-79). We were heart-broken when Carolyn left us. So, you can imagine how ecstatic we are to have her back. Her stunning attributes and sparkling talent have charmed us all over again. Paired with the sexy, energetic, super-spankee and bubble-butt wonder, Sinn Sage, this fun, fanny-spankin', fast-paced video is a must have!
The plot
Carolyn spots a notice for a "Creative Writing Contest," sponsored by Chelsea Pfeiffer, famous author of the Strictly Romantic series of best-selling paperback novels. She's very serious about writing a great short story to enter; so serious that she's willing to live out the story to give it a sense of authenticity! That's where Carolyn's friend, Sinn, comes in.
Carolyn sneaks into Sinn's home and hides in the clothing closet. She scares the bejeezus out Sinn  when she opens the closet to search for an outfit. What is Carolyn doing in the closet? She's searching for the Ancient Book of Wiccan Spells...part of her storyline, which she's acting out in order write a better contest entry. After recovering from her shock, Sinn agrees to play along. When Carolyn explains that acting out the spanking scene won't be necessary, Sinn disagrees and yanks Carolyn over her knee. Sinn spanks with true gusto and delight! Of course, who wouldn't while spanking the lovely, curvy Carolyn. Soon Carolyn's wonderfully round bottom is bright red. But, Carolyn's not at all defeated. At the end of her spanking, she issues a challenge to Sinn, "You think you could write a better story than me? Ha! You're not willing to do what it takes!"
Sinn falls for it and soon finds herself over Carolyn's lap. "I can't imagine how it is I've wound up in this position," she moans. "Well, it's not going to be a very good creative story then, is it?" Carolyn taunts. Right from the beginning, it's clear Carolyn hasn't forgotten her earlier spanking training. We taught Carolyn well in her previous performances for us, even if we do say so ourselves. Sinn can take a very good spanking and Carolyn caught on to that quickly.
The story really heats up during that last scene, when Chelsea enters and takes on the task of seeing if the two ladies are truly up to Strictly Romantic standards. She was impressed by their contest entries, but worries that perhaps they've both just got the writer's gift of living vicariously through their story's' characters. Chelsea demands that any novel put out through her series is written from real experience! So, it's clear the two must be put to the test. Chelsea spanks first Sinn, then Carolyn, in a last scene that's so stirring both ladies come away with a much greater sense of intensity for their fictional characters! When Carolyn asks if Chelsea thinks they have what it takes to be novelists, Chelsea happily replies with a satisfied, "Absolutely!"




alt="she has been a very naughty girl and now she's going to get punished with a spanking"alt="Chelsea Pfeiffer makes Ashley Fires spread her legs while she is spanked on the bare behind"alt="she spreads her legs and bends over to have her anus spanked by the riding crop"alt="Stephanie Locke puts the girl across her lap and paddles her hard"alt="the businesswomen spank hard!"alt="hi-class women get bare-ass spankings, too"alt="Chelsea Pfeiffer pulls down Samantha Woodley's pants and canes her bare backside" alt="her little asshole quivers as she waits to be paddled on her bare ass"alt="Chelsea Pfeiffer inspects Ashley Fires well-spanked bottom"alt="her skirt comes up and her bright red ass shows"alt="she is humiliated to have her asshole and pussy exposed during her spanking"alt="her big ass wiggles as she is spanked"alt="she rubs her very sore bottom"alt="Samantha Woodley squirms as she is soundly spanked over Chelsea Pfeiffer's knee"

Spankorama (CP-103)
Starring: Ashley Fires, Stephanie Locke, Gia, Eva Barton, Julie Simone, Asia, Samantha Woodley & Chelsea
52 Minutes
DVD $29.95

This super special video is a compilation of TEN different short stories, shot originally for our members' site, www.goodspanking.com. We were keeping them exclusive to the members' site, but decided that was a shame.
When these short stories are released for the site, the files are compressed to keep download times reasonable. They are also cut into three-minute clips for similar reasons. In "Spankorama" the stories run continuously and in all the full beauty of the original digital recording. So, now, you can see the perfect, clear picture and hear the clean audio you've come to expect with our spanking movies. Even if you have already seen these clips on our members' site you'll enjoy revisiting them in their full rosy glory.
The first story is entertains with a little holiday fun: Ashley Fires is an impish elf who ties-up, the stuffed animal Christmas toys she's supposed to wrap-up to load on Santa's sleigh. When Mrs. Claus catches Ashley in her naughty elf mischief, she delivers a Christmas Eve spanking the little elf won't soon forget!
Story 2, also featuring Ashley, is a sensual tale of erotic spanking play between the sizzling, sexy blonde and Chelsea. Enticingly dressed in exquisite lingerie, Ashley is not shy concerning her exhibitionist tendencies! Ashley and Chelsea have a delicious sexual chemistry, as seen in the scenes they've done together. This was the first discovery of that special relationship.
3: Stephanie Locke punishes naughty Gia for taking her stern mistress' credit card without permission. Ms. Locke is known world-wide for her talents as a disciplinarian. She does not disappoint in this scenario.
4: Gia is again spanked, but this time as a charming Valentine's Day dalliance. Gia and Ms. Locke had a steamy chemistry between them, which we decided to let play out for the benefit of themselves and, of course, all of you.
5: Eva Barton is a skilled spanker, too! She demonstrates it well on the hapless behind of the beautiful Julie Simone in a "day at the office" story where Julie is a careless secretary.
6: Julie returns the favor, but with a more sensual flare when she and Eva meet again. The two gorgeous women play their sexy best!
7: Asia gets it from Chelsea for breaking a valuable art object. Asia's lithe form and firm bottom are a treat for the eyes as she is thoroughly spanked and then paddled.
8: Asia gets drunk and you can just imagine how angry Chelsea is upon discovering the young beauty passed out in front of a nearly empty bottle of booze!
9: The awesomely lovely Samantha Woodley is spanked...and CANED after donning a bikini and then posing and preening lewdly in Chelsea's front yard. The punishment is severe, but certainly earned.
10: Samantha is back over Chelsea's knee when she comes home from a date so late that it's the morning of the next day and Chelsea's getting ready to leave for work!
All in all, you get 8 women in 10 stories...it's wall to wall spanking with lots of exciting variety!





alt="the spanking turns her butt bright red" alt="the girls have their pants and panties taken down and are bent over for punishemt spankings"

Spanking Web Cam (CP-102)
Starring: Sinn Sage & Natali DeMoore with Chelsea
30 Minutes
DVD $29.95

"Spanking Web Cam" is another "video within a video". Natali and Sinn run a live spanking webcam site to enact members' requests. This may be a fantasy plot, but the emails the girls read are actual requests that CPE has received over the last year.
The first customer plot concerns a young woman leaving home for the first time. The daughter (nubile Natali) asks her mother to spank her one last time, to clear the air since the two haven't been getting along so well, lately. The mother (played by Chelsea, of course) agrees that a good spanking might be just what is needed. But before the spanking can take place, she overhears Natali tell a friend (the sensational Sinn) that she's not worried in the least.  Natali is sure that Mom has lost her touch and the spanking probably won't hurt much. Soon, "Mom" is correcting her daughter's misconception and naughty attitude. She hand spanks, paddles and straps Natali - all right in front of Sinn whom she invites to stay and witness the severe punishment. Sinn watches with rapt attention and enjoys it so much she begins to taunt Natali while her red bottomed friend furiously endures the serious spanking. But Sinn takes the taunting too far. As soon as Chelsea finishes spanking Natali,  Sinn is startled to receive the exact same punishment - an OTK spanking with hand, paddle and strap!
The second request is from a gentleman in Texas whose life long desire has been to see women get spanked over their tight jeans. He isn't our only customer to request such a thing, so we decided to fulfill his fantasy. We added a little plot about two "school" girls who get caught smoking in the Girls' Room by their teacher, who then delivers their well-earned punishment. Chelsea, as the teacher, gives the girls a long paddling over their jeans (where every conceivable angle is covered by our intrepid cameraman). But, ultimately, those jeans and then the panties, too, must come down and the two girls in a bent-over-the-table position are spanked and paddled while their beautiful intimates are charmingly revealed!




alt="they must take down their own panties to be punished on their naked rear ends"alt="Chelsea Pfeiffer makes Sinn squirm as her naked ass is spanked raw"
alt="Sierra is spanked in bed"alt="the two girls are spanked at the same time"alt="the side-by-side girls are paddled on their bare bottoms"alt="Samantha Woodley clenches her butt cheeks during her painful spanking"alt="the girls are fully exposed as they are spanked"

Furthering Education (CP-101)
Starring: Samantha Woodley & Sierra Salem, with Chelsea
30 Minutes
DVD $29.95

We're excited to introduce the spanking scene's newest sensation, Sierra Salem.  This 19 year old true spanking enthusiast, shy though she may be, can take as hard a spanking as any seasoned "professional".  In fact, we're pretty sure she's had plenty of personal practice.  She's got the face of an angel, but don't let that deceive you.  She's a brat like none we've ever encountered.  She's the new generation of brat, who doesn't know when to stop mouthing off because she thinks there will be no consequences.  But, don't worry, Chelsea is fully capable of putting the impudent girl in her place!
"Furthering Education" takes us back to the home of Aunt Chelsea for another story about naughty nieces who need good spankings.  As in "House Rules" (CP-93) Samantha Woodley is still living with her aunt while she attends college.  The trouble doubles when Samantha's little sister,19 year old Sierra, comes to visit for the summer. Sierra is supposed to be making college plans, but big sis has some other lessons in mind - like how to get Aunt Chelsea to spank you...real hard!  On Sierra's first night at Aunt Chelsea's, the two randy sisters get into a pillow fight that ends when Samantha breaks a vase! Aunt Chelsea is piqued to be awakened and when she finds her favorite vase lying in pieces on the bedroom floor, her anger grows.  And when she learns who was responsible for the careless accident (the one who should be setting a good example!) Samantha finds herself in line for a sound punishment spanking. "Oh no, Aunt Chelsea!  Not again!" she cries,
  but Chelsea replies,
"You're a twenty-one year old going on seven!  You get over my knee NOW, or I'll make it hurt twice as bad!" 
Samantha's  gorgeous globes soon glow a deep shade of red as Chelsea makes her squirm in pain! 
But Sierra, who listens to the punishment from the other room, doesn't take the hint. A few days later, Sierra borrows the car without asking, and puts a nasty scratch on the bumper.. When Chelsea returns from a run and sees the damage to her beautiful car, there's no saving Sierra from the wrath of her angry aunt. When, desperately, Sierra suggests that her daddy will pay for it, Chelsea has heard enough.  It's obvious that Sierra is irresponsible because her parents were too lenient. It's time for Sierra to get the spanking she's obviously needed for too long.
"No, Aunt Chelsea!  It hurts!"  Sierra pouts.
"And it's gonna keep hurting until I decide you've passed this first college class with a big, red A!" Chelsea replies as she vigorously introduces Sierra to some good old fashioned discipline.  True to her promise, by the time Chelsea let's Sierra up, the girl's preciously pert derriere is red hot! You'd think both girls would behave now, but...
No first summer away from home would be complete without a night of drunken disorderliness.  Samantha gleefully provides Sierra with her first taste of liquor by introducing her younger sister to a drinking technique known as the "blow job".  The girls slide their luscious lips down the long shot glass, pick it up and drain the contents without the use of their hands.  As the two girls practice this sexually suggestive style of drinking, using straight vodka, they grow more and more intoxicated.  Just as Sierra lifts the shot glass, firmly held in her mouth, for another shot, Aunt Chelsea enters.  Startled, Sierra drops the glass, soaking her shirt. Meanwhile, Samantha laughingly greets Chelsea, slurring her words almost beyond understanding.  Clearly, it's time for auntie to teach a sobering lesson. The double dose of spanking isn't over until both girls have been spanked hard by hand and hairbrush on their drunken bare asses!






alt="we see right up her skirt as she is bent over for spanking" alt="her pussy and asshole are exposed for spanking"

She Actually Spanks You? (CP100)
Starring: Kayla Paige & Cherry
34 Minutes
DVD $29.95

Tired of her everyday job as a bank teller, Taylor (Cherry) is intrigued by Eve's (Kayla Paige) work as a spanking model. Taylor is hesitant about giving a shoot a try, but sneaky Eve talks Taylor into tagging along to a shoot, "Just to watch." Arriving at the set, Taylor becomes suspicious when Chelsea hands her a release form.  Eve has told Chelsea that Taylor would work, too.  Taylor takes a spanking in the first scene.
"Oh my god, Eve!  She really spanked you hard!"
"It's okay," says Taylor, " now it's your turn."
Eve replies, scathingly, "I can't believe I let you get me into this!  Wait until we're back home.  I'm gonna..." But, she is cut off by the reappearance of Chelsea.  Chelsea thinks Taylor's an experienced spanking model, and quickly lowers Taylor's jeans to spank the "naughty girl" on her panties.  Soon, it's time for Taylor to take her bare bottom spanking - and it's a hard one, finished off with a very large, wooden hairbrush!  During Taylor's ordeal, Eve looks on, happy to see her roommate finally getting a spanking and getting it good.
Back home again, Taylor makes good on her promise to get back at Eve.  She jumps Eve, tackling her on the bed and wrestling her out of her clothes.  She pins her, tummy down, and spanks her deceitful roomie's already well-spanked rear. But Eve turns the tables and poor Taylor is once again on the receiving end of the spanking.
All in all, both our young actresses left the shoot with lasting, very warm impressions of what a good spanking is all about!






alt="she kneels on the chair while her bare butt is paddled"alt="erotic girl/girl spanking in bed"


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