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alt="he holds her down and spanks her hard"alt="he makes her take off all her clothes to receive a punishment spanking"alt="her tan lines make her big titties stand out even more" alt="he spanks her on her bare backside"alt="he spanks the bad girl right on her asshole!"alt="his big hand covers her tiny backside"

Thanks for Spanks (CP89)
Starring: Cleo Nichole and Beaudean Biggs
30 Minutes
DVD $29.95

One of our rare male/female spanking videos.  Cleo's boyfriend required almost no coaching during the spankings.  Hmmm, did Cleo rehearse him the night before?  Or, does he spank her all the time?
Beaudean plans to sell an old beer can from his collection for a BIG profit, but Cleo tidies up his place while he's out: Goodbye beer cans, so long bonus cash! Cleo gets a stinging spanking for her trouble.
You'd think Cleo would learn. But, when she finds an old baseball with something like "Baby Ruth" scribbled on it, she sells it cheap on the same Internet site Beaudean used to auction his beer can, thinking she'll make up for everything. Oops, her bad! Cleo quickly learns the value of Babe Ruth memorabilia.  With her bottom warmed and reddened, Cleo and Beaudean make up their differen
ces cozily.



alt="the struggling girl is spanked over her jeans"alt="Julie is humiliated to be spanked on her bare butt"alt="a close up of her red, sore, bare ass" alt="she spanks her and plays with her naughty backside"alt="Courtney's punished rear end is red and sore"alt="she rubs her sore ass after her spanking"

A Bad Vacation, plus,
         Rudely Interrupted

Starring: Courtney Chambers and Julie Simone
35 Minutes
DVD $29.95

Two different storylines help to make sure that every bad girl gets her good spanking.
Julie plans a trip to Mexico for herself and Courtney.  In an effort to economize, Julie books a vacation from hell.  Once the two return, Courtney takes every awful memory out on poor, well-meaning Julie's behind.  Julie Simone is a great spankee.  She's got a shapely, generous behind and a gorgeous face with the most irresistible, pleading eyes we've ever seen.
Courtney gets hers when she and Julie try to share the morning paper.  Julie is naturally of a more serious disposition, so she just can't appreciate Courtney's constant comments on the comics.  Pushed to the end of her limits, Julie takes Courtney over her knee.  Courtney is soundly spanked over her jeans, then without them, then on her bare behind!


alt="Amber Michael's bare backside is punished with a paddle"alt="Amber Michaels shows her pussy and anus after her punishment spanking" alt="Amber Michaels turns Darby's bare bottom red"alt="Amber Michaels spreads wide for her spanking"

The Worst Driver in the World,
          and Other Irritations

Starring: Darby Daniels and Amber Michaels
55 Minutes
DVD $29.95

Terrorized by Amber's driving,  Darby takes Amber over her knee and turns her behind a brilliant red!  But don't think that Darby is perfect. She can be very annoying. After Amber returns from a hard day at work, she isn't in the mood for conversation. But Darby feels like there's something that must be discussed!  Darby is rewarded with a spanking which quickly turns her pert little bottom very red.
But Amber is still the naughtiest. She earns herself another spanking, this time in bed with a little paddling thrown in for good measure!


alt="half naked girl spanks Amber Michaels on the bare ass"alt="Amber Michaels is one of the naked girls play spanking games, lesbian style"alt="she sticks her naked ass in the air and is whipped in her crack!" alt="both girls are naked as Alex Foxe flogs Amber Michaels on the ass"alt="anal star, Amber Michaels is punished with a flogging"

To Give or to Receive (CP86)
Starring: Amber Michaels and Alex Foxe
DVD $29.95

It's called re-gifting and it's a nasty habit, even though most of us have been guilty of it from time to time.  But, when Amber gives Alex a gift that Alex remembers giving to Amber, it's time for a spanking.  And what a spanking!  Amber begins by goading Alex into spanking her harder and harder, until both ladies are quite worked up.  Turnabout is always fair play in a CPE video, so Alex gets hers too, but not before thoroughly flogging her fair friend.  Beautiful women, beautiful figures revealed in all their nude glory and spankings with gusto are all featured in this super production.


alt="Chelsea Pfeiffer gets a bare bottom spanking"alt="her bare butt glows from her spanking" alt=Chelsea Pfeiffer raises the girl's skirt for a spanking"alt="Chelsea Pfeiffer's panties come down for her spanking"alt="she suffers a painful spanking"


Chelsea's Present Predicament (CP85)
Starring: Chelsea Pfeiffer & Dorian Grant
34 Minutes
DVD $29.95

Chelsea misunderstands when she sees husband Larry present a gift of an emerald necklace to Dorian.  She calls off the other model and steps in to play a part in the video herself in order to get back at Dorian.  Dorian is surprised when the scene begins to roll and the spanking Chelsea's giving seems to be harder that strictly necessary!  Once the reason for the harsh treatment is revealed it's Chelsea who finds herself in need of punishment.  And now Dorian's only too happy to step up to the plate!




alt="bent over for an ass warming" alt="black girl gets her ass whipped"

Serviced by Specialists (CP84)
Starring: Lexie & Sadie Belle
32 Minutes
DVD $29.95

Another four-story video:
Lexie posses as Sadie's massage therapist in order to spank Sadie away from Lexie's lover.  A surprised Sadie responds with some spanks of her own, upon Lexie's brown bottom.  The spanking/wrestling match that ensues is something to behold!
Sadie's wedding planner, Lexie, just won't do what Sadie wants!  Poor Sadie is left with no alternative.  She soundly disciplines Lexie...and Lexie's howls prove Sadie's getting to the bottom of things.
Sadie can't sing to save her life.  Unfortunately, as her voice teacher, it's Lexie's responsibility to see that Sadie finds her voice.  Lexie's technique is a little unorthodox, but Sadie sure is singing by the time Lexie's finished.
Finances have never been Lexie's area of expertise, but when she deliberately defies her financial advisor's advice, advisor Sadie teaches Lexie a lesson in numbers!







alt="white girl over the black girl's knees for a hard spanking"
alt="the naked black and white girl wrestle and spank each other"
alt="Amber Michaels  is spanked in her tight jeans by Stacy Burke" alt="Amber Michaels is bent over by Stacy Burke for a bare ass spanking"

A Star is Warmed (CP83)
Starring: Amber Michaels & Stacy Burke
32 Minutes
DVD $29.95


It's the same old story...once the performer becomes famous, she becomes difficult.  Amber's blowing off concert dates because of imaginary head-colds...and anything else she can think of.  Stacy's a hard working agent, with a reputation to maintain.  There's only one way to solve a problem with a spoiled brat, Stacy soon decides!  Then Amber finds out that Stacy's policy, "Any publicity is good publicity," leads Stacy to leek some bad news about Amber to the press.  Naturally, since Amber hasn't forgotten the spanking Stacy gave her, she jumps at the opportunity for some righteous revenge! 


alt="Amber Michaels spanks Stacy Burke and pulls her thong up into her crack" alt="Amber Michaels is spanked by Stacy Burke with her asshole and pussy on display"
alt="spanked with her panties wedged in her crack" alt="sticks her bottom high for her spanking"

The Pest, The Drunk, Her Dress
              and a Joke

Starring: Molly Matthews & Cheyenne
40 Minutes
DVD $29.95

Energetic Molly and Cheyenne play out four different stories in order to make sure everyone is soundly spanked:
Cheyenne can't keep the music down while Molly is trying to nap.  Of course, Molly can't sleep, so she makes sure Cheyenne won't be able to sit.
Molly drinks a bit too much wine and then begins to whine about all the neighbors.  Gossip doesn't sit well with Cheyenne, so she spanks some respect into Molly's little, tight rear!
Cheyenne and Molly fight over a dress for a costume for the video they're in together.  The dress tears and so they spank it out to decide who had to tell Chelsea the costume's been ruined.
Cheyenne is a little too playful with the water hose while washing her car.  She nails Molly with cold water just as Molly is returning from work...totally ruining Molly's silk dress!





alt="bi-girls get into spanking"

alt="spanks and plays with her ass"
alt="her cheeks are spread" alt="spanked in lingerie"

Crime Never Pays (CP81)
Starring: Catalina L'Amour & Dorian Grant
35 Minutes
DVD $29.95

Dorian's compulsive gambling wrecks Catalina's Vegas vacation.  So Catalina reddens Dorian's generously voluptuous behind.
However, Catalina has her bad side too.  When she steals Dorian's family heirloom silver forks to pawn her way out of financial distress, Dorian shows Catalina's perky behind a good deal more distress.








alt="over the lap spanking begins"
alt="Darby is pinned down and spanked' alt="Gabriel's panties are lowered for a spanking"

Cheaters and Charmers (CP80)
Starring: Darby Daniels & Gabriella Jeannine
30 Minutes
DVD $29.95

Darby discovers that even padding her pants won't protect her from Gabby's wrath, once Gabby finds out that Darby cleaned out Gabby's checking account.
But Darby isn't the only bad girl.  While Darby and Gabby are playing a word game, Gabby tries to win by hiding a game tile or two.  Darby's too quick for the attempt at deceit and Gabby gets what's coming to her!




alt="Gabriel spanked on her bare-bottom" alt="Darby has sore bottom from spanking"


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